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Shoot the movie of your life!!!

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The perfect travel movie can be the biggest gift from your travel which will always trigger memories from the trip.

Have your ever dreamt of keeping that cool and exciting travel feeling when you visit a spot? Would you like to take part in a gorgeous sightseeing and record it on video? We make it possible: a local underguide and a professional move shooting team will accompany you on your walk - so you will receive something unforgettable and useful … you will discover hidden places which you can take home.


Everybody will be in the scene at once. Nobody will be missing while all the friends or family is fooling around with each other, and the best spots from the travel will be recorded exactly as you have seen it.

Absolutely tailor-made, absolutely unique, absolutely professional, absolutely yours.



  • 4 hour long walking tour - shorter/longer on request
  • Private underguide, and professional team for shooting
  • Professional cut and edit of your DVD.
  • Tailor made to your wishes
  • Available every day – in several language
  • Departure time: you decide

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