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Performance Shooting – Flashmob & Folk Dance
Shortcut, Clip re-make or AD Shooting


Precision, timing, team work and creativity have never been as important anywhere, as in the film industry… The challenge is big, time is short and everybody must be working 200% to reach the dream result together!

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Shortcut, Clip re-make or AD Shooting


Duration: half to whole day
Group size: 50 to 200+ guests
Possible location: various locations or your original conference / event venue / in or outdoor
Transportation: not needed, one location
Recommended season: any season
Approximate rates: from € 59 / person

Generally an AD shooting needs 1-2 weeks of preparation and at least 2-3 complete days of shooting, as professionals work on and realize every little element of those eye-catching 30 seconds. This time your entire team participates in making a complete shooting, (from the set building, to the makeup, and even the special effects), an AD, a clip, or just a short film in no more than a few hours – it’s almost a new Guinness world record!

Dresses and props will all be available for the guests as all roles – director, PAs, makeup artists, stylists, actors, camera assistants, etc – will be ‘played’ by participants, depending on which role they picked at the beginning! Underguide will have prepared the entire works’ creative and time schedule and will control all the work flow to make things run smoothly. Professional equipment and support teams will also be there to help teams work, but the film has to be implemented by the people of the company.

‘Backstage’ photos can be presented at the end of the program, while the final short or clip can be presented on the day after, following some post-shooting technical work, and cutting by professionals. The end result can also be used and shown at further company events – it will be such a great memory for everybody!

The program highly enforces team work and is also a huge amount of fun!

The script and theme will be adapted to your group’s profile. A few ideas that we have come up with in 2014:

•    the company’s insider AD for a new product or brand launch made by your team for your colleagues;
•    Remake the song and clip of Queen’s ‘Tavaszi Szél’, a Hungarian song that Freddy Mercury sang when they first came for a concert behind the Iron Curtain in 1986!
•    Remake of Pharrell Williams ’Happy’ in a ’Happy Budapest’ version

Optional Extra Services
– Werkfilm
– Onsite catering

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Performance Shooting – Flashmob & Folk Dance


Duration: different versions from 1 to 5 hours
Group size: from 50+ to 200 guests
Possible location: various locations or your original conference or event venue / indoor or outdoor
Transportation: not needed, one location
Recommended season: any season
Approximate rates: from € 29 / person


A classic flashmob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression. In our case we will not leave every detail to luck: we will have all necessary permits to occupy the area for an hour. To to do the shooting, we will have prepared the ’act to perform’, we will have coordinators and a director on site and we will have one of the best teams in Budapest recording the entire event!

The script and theme will be adapted to your group’s profile. A few ideas that we have thought of in 2014:

•    company pillow fight, yoga positions, ‘kill your mobile’, dancing flashmobs, etc
•    flying drone camera shot formations (ex: company logo or ‘merry christmas’ formed by your team)


There is no better way to have a personal impression of real traditional Hungarian music & folklore than to participate, and nothing better to have some laughter & fun, and to make your team ‘feel the common rhythm’ then to take them for a dance, with everyone together!

Hungarian ‘Csárdás’ dance is well known worldwide, and there is an infinite variety of traditional dances to learn. Hungarian ‘Táncház’, aka ‘community dance method’ has been approved by UNESCO as a Hungarian Intellectual Cultural Heritage in 2011 – you want to see real local folklore? Come and dance!

Dancers and teachers of one of the very best Hungarian Folk Dance ensembles - will teach your group a dance to traditional ‘hot’ Hungarian rhythm and a simple song for ‘advanced participants’! Don’t be afraid: we believe everybody is talented enough to have some fun and it will not be more serious than that – it’s all for fun!

The Performance will be shot, resulting in a cool movie where all of your team (200+ participants possible) dances will be submitted to you a day later, after some post-editing technical work. A souvenir for life!
Optional Extra Services
– Traditional attire rental for participants
– Live music to accompany dancers
– Flash-mob style presentation of the performance at the end of the program
– Werkfilm/clip of the activity
– Folk show by professionals before or after the program

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