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Gay tour in Budapest with budapestUNDERGUIDE

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Budapest: A guided tour with Budapest Underguide


Finally!  After close to 24 hrs at 38,000 ft, 14 bags of peanuts and leg cramps, I arrived in Budapest. My first evening was spent forcing myself to stay awake so I could get use to the 9 hour time difference. I was successful.

At 9:00 a.m., we met our personal guide Orsolya from Budapest Underguide for a walking tour. If you are ever in Budapest, this is a must! Not only did Orsolya talk about the oppressive history of this part of the world and point out historical buildings, but also talked about life in Hungary from the perspective of a gay or lesbian person. Due to the Russian occupation, it wasn’t until 1995 when the people were allowed to drink. After this, Budapest started seeing it’s first gay bars. Prior, gays & lesbian needed to meet at the natural spring baths which this city is famous for around the world.

Budapest is a magnificent city to visit but it would be almost impossible for an openly gay person to live here due to the discrimination. Over the past several years, the government has leaned more and more right where it has now reached the point of extreme. The few young G&L people that I spoke with all have plans to immigrate west since they believe they will have no future in their country.

Our breakfast at the Why Not Café and Bar (1056 Budapest, Belgrád rampart 3-4) was a perfect spot to refuel and to get to know Orsolya even better.  Our walk continued past markets, quaint streets and bustling boulevards where we finished our tour at Alexandra bookstore (1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 39) which has one of the finest wineshops and cafés in the city. The café Párizsi Nagyáruház  has the interior ambiance of a a Parisian palace without prices one would expect in those surroundings. We sat, conversed and enjoyed a perfect glass of Hungarian wine as we said our goodbyes.

Tonight we will be dining at a gay restaurant recommended by Orsolya and then it’s time to check out the nightlife.


Written by Mark Dale