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Arriving to Underground with a strong background in fashion journalism, Máté’s role is to orchestrate all the good vibes around the company and translate it to all our channels. As a creative marketing and communications officer, his superpower is finding inspiration in the most unexpected places which helps him introducing new ideas to the classic DMC model while keeping an eye on the contemporary world to see what’s next.




A SPECIAL PROJECT – Portraits are shot on Kodak T-may 400 film by @admhrvt, because we believe in the magic of unexpected, the real here-and-now experiences.


What’s your favorite Hungarian expression?

Oh, that’s a funny one. “Izzad, mint kurva a templomban.” It literally means „sweats like a whore in church” and is a very common impression of my pretty outspoken 80 years old grandmother for any risky situation.


Best place to have a secret date?

In my first Underguide mission I found myself in one of the most magical spots in the city few people know about it. When you pass Vajdahunyad vára at the city park you walk along the wall to the very back of the building, where you’ll have a stone fence you can climb and sit on to have a picnic and a wonderful view of the lake in front of you.


Wine or beer?

When drinking wine, I can’t imagine anything other than one of the Hungarian origins. It would be just silly, especially with such a long history and huge variety. In recent years  I was constantly asking for something high in minerals but soft, cashmere-like and salty. A couple of days ago I found out all the years I’ve been asking for Juhfark, a Hungarian type. Legend has it, kings in Europe drank this before their wedding-night to get boys.




CAPTURING THE FAVORITES – We took pictures of our Chief Buzz Maker at his favorite spot in Budapest at the arcade of the Ministry of Agriculture. “This spot evokes the spirit of Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty each time when I walk across. The rhythm of the columns, the flirting sight of the Parliament on the right, it’s just magical.” 



What’s the most overrated thing about Budapest?

Everything mass tourism transformed in the past couple of years, especially gastronomy. When you are looking for values and a secret, local spot don’t expect Disneyland. I despise the idea of turning a city into an amusement park. The more discreet, the more intimate, the better. In silence you find the inspiration.


Which place you’re the most faithful to?

Gerlóczy Café, but I’m not a too trustworthy lover. I abandoned this Parisian style, classic café, and bistro for years because it got too popular and touristic. However, this is a very special place which witnessed a couple of friendships to be born, work meeting, even a breakup. Now I am really humbled and honored that the restaurant manager actually knows me although I have never spent too much money there. Eventually, this is a place I visit for 10 years now and really proud to have my own spots.


Where would you go to enjoy a sunrise in Budapest?

I am not (yet) a morning person but since I have a dog, sometimes I can have my after-party in the city park Városliget while the sun rises. The most magical, intimate experiences.



USUALLY A FUNNY PERSON – We have no idea why he’s so bored in this picture although Máté is a naturally happy person at the Underguide office. 


What market is your fav local treat spot?

I am very proud of my neighborhood market (Hunyadi téri piac) where I get my flowers from in the spring from a great vendor, and the best sausage for lunch all year around, and also, lángos. I need to put market visits on my bucket list because it gives me a dopamine boost while I do too rarely.


What would you see at the Opera house when it reopens?

Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass.


What would you recommend as a must-have traditional meal?

Brioche with goose liver. Also a shot of pálinka, preferably quince. And oh my god, just came to my mind! My favorite on fleamarkets, the Hungarian pastrami: palm-size Wienerschnitzel stuffed in a zsömle (bun) with some pickles and mayonnaise.