Budapest DELICATESSEN tour


"hmmmmm...after these culinary wows I do better understand this country" Xavier (34)

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for a group of 4 or more : 49 euros / person

for a group of 3 persons: 59 euros / person

for couples: 69 euros / person

for single travellers: 119 euros / person

free for kids under 4
29 euros for children under 14

Included: a private underguide, cost of all the mentioned food and drinks, taxes.
Excluded: additional personal consumption, transportation.

Are you a traveller who always - besides the main sights - discovers the destination through its culinary life?

Then this is YOUR TRIP!

The tour goes through four stages of “picks and bites” as to let you taste as much of the Hungarian specialities as you can take.

Besides this, your underguide leads you from one exciting, famous and hidden place of the city to the next.

The main stages:

Central Market Hall: Have you ever tasted the Lángos with a local drink? (scone with garlic and sour cream) Stuffed cabbage? ‘Winter salami’ with our sweet yellow-green fresh paprika? Did you know that we eat lot of pickles made out of every possible vegetable? Do you know how zsömle or kifli – the basic local sandwich bread types - looks and tastes?

A famous Ruin Bar (Jewish district): we will taste Unicum or Pálinka, wash it down with a fröccs (like spritzer), beer or the good old grape-based soft drink: Traubisoda; and taste the most surprising local snacks: zsíroskenyér (bread and dripping) and paprika or with a spicy cottage cheese cream.

‘Hentes’ (butcher): grilled sausage or the Hungarian speciality black-pudding with crispy white bread, mustard and pickles – all carnivores of Hungary, from business people to brick-layers, eat them from time to time standing in the ‘Hentes’! A drink is also included.

Sweets dreams: we will finish the day with either a typical cake in a lovely classic café of Andrássy Avenue or with a kosher cake in a famous patisserie of the Jewish district. A coffee / tea is also included.

These small details and culinary ‘wows' are among the most interesting cultural differences that we cater for. And these are only a portion of what you will fill yourself with during this trip!

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  • 4 hour long walking tour - shorter/longer on request
  • Private underguide
  • Tailor made to your wishes
  • Available every day – in several languages
  • Departure time: upon request, anytime from 11 am till 3 pm.


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