Budapest Marathon


Budapest International Marathon & Half Marathon 2007, 2008

Official Travel & Ground Handling Service Provider

Budapest International Marathon & Half Marathon 2009-2013

Official Travel Service Provider for Groups & Special Requests



Budapest Marathon Organisation

Event theme:


Event size:

Mass event, ca. 10-15 000 participants



Language & Nationality:

English, French, German, Italian – Mixed international

Specific Travel requirements:
  • Online coordinator services for direct communication with specially trained marathon coordinators for each participant (individuals included).
  • Travel Info Desk for foreign participants at the race centre.
  • Accommodation facilities close to race centre and downtown; wide range from 2 to 5 star.
  • Programs conform to runners’ needs: not too tiring before race, celebration opportunity after race, spa treatments & massage before and after race, pasta dinner facilities before the race, race route tour before race, etc.
  • Non running travel mate leisure programs during the race; get together ’marathon bar’ organization; private group leader / guide services.
Cooperation model:

Travel services offered by Underguide as Travel Service Provider or Group Travel Service Provider of the event to participants. Services are booked & paid individually by participants.

Underguide’s evaluation:

Successful model for dealing with mass special requests

During the last 6 years we learnt all possible special needs of runners’ groups and we can now offer the most suitable services.

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