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Creative and innovative tailor made programs for everyone: sightseeing, team building, mice & CSR.

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"We were satisfied with the organization of our stay. The apartments were very spacious and comfortable. Punctual and fast transfers."

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"I can only say that I heard nothing but good things: good organization, and they seemed very happy with the Dutch speaking guide. The preparation part went quite well. You handled everything correctly and

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Budapest International Marathon

Budapest Marathon Organisation has been working together with Underguide ever since 2006. We have handled the accommodation and travel needs of the runners coming to Budapest.

Ongoing cooperation in 2013 
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"The leisure programs developed by Underguide perfectly fit into our ideas, and provided a good alternative for those who took part only accompanying the participants for the event."

ongoing cooperation in 2013 
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The excecutives have discovered Budapest's most historical spots & also the hidden faces and the  footprints the 27 countries of the EU left in Budapest in the last centuries.

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