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creative team building, budapest team building

A private casino party where your dreams become reality: featuring roulette, poker, blackjack and craps, and much more.

creative team building, city discovery tour, sightseeing

What’s hidden in the middle of a sculpture group, between the greenery of a bush next to a playground or in the nooks of a church? Every secret treasure can be found, if the team is fast and dedicated! Work together

startup creative budapest game

Budapest offers everything a start up needs – experience it in this extraordinary game which combines sightseeing, fun, team building and learning about the steps of a start up company. 

Fun city discovery and team building 
discover budapest, fun city discovery, team building budapest, budapest sightsee

""Thank you very, very much for your e-mail!! We did enjoy the tour very much. The guides were very nice and could speak english perfectly. I only got positive feedback from our partners as well. It is

Team Building and Sightseeing 

Half-year-long program series with free walks, geocache game, garden installations and more - everything á la Art Nouveau!

Oranization of 6 months programseries 
geocache budapest, team building in budapest
"We only recieved positive feedback from the game, everyone had a lot of fun! So many thanks to you! I would definitely recommend this program to everyone! Have fun!"


Geocache and Sustainability 
incentive budapest, sightseein budapest

"Thanks for the really interesting and well organized tour. Orsolya was really nice and we learnt so much about Budapest and she showed us Budapest from an other non touristic side. Thank you such much. She was

Private tour and private boat 
discover budapest, fun city discovery, team building budapest, budapest sightsee

"We had really nice time on Friday with the Urban Picture Hunt and Tipsy Budapest. The guides were excellent, they were  friendly and they spoke very good English. Our main target was to get to know Budapest,

Team Building and Sightseeing 
Restaurants in Budapest, program in budapest

"We just spoke with our guests and they were very pleased with all the organization of their programme. They were particulary thankful for your special attention to details.

Workshop complimentary program 
discover budapest, fun city discovery, team building budapest, budapest sightsee

Four alternative sightseeing-, tour guide- and events organizer companies (also budapestUNDERGUIDE) got together to promote the ever-growing role of non-traditional urban experiences

Our special walk: Ciy discovery for kids