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"We were satisfied with the organization of our stay. The apartments were very spacious and comfortable. Punctual and fast transfers."

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What’s hidden in the middle of a sculpture group, between the greenery of a bush next to a playground or in the nooks of a church? Every secret treasure can be found, if the team is fast and dedicated! Work together

startup creative budapest game

Budapest offers everything a start up needs – experience it in this extraordinary game which combines sightseeing, fun, team building and learning about the steps of a start up company. 

Fun city discovery and team building 
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"I can only say that I heard nothing but good things: good organization, and they seemed very happy with the Dutch speaking guide. The preparation part went quite well. You handled everything correctly and

Workshop complimentary programs 
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"We only recieved positive feedback from the game, everyone had a lot of fun! So many thanks to you! I would definitely recommend this program to everyone! Have fun!"


Geocache and Sustainability 
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"From the first moment on, Underguide handled us with a professional care - they understood the requirements of our organisation perfectly, and were very flexible with our needs during the whole process, always

Getting to know Budapest in 1,5 day 
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team buildings are more than expected

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"Regarding some short feedback, I very much enjoyed the event and It was well received by all. It allowed us all to get to know each other a little more in a more informal setting than the workplace and it was

Geocache in the Buda Castle 
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Sightseeing & City discovery & Team Building : classic, fun & unique city discovery for young & open minded group.

One afternoon - many programs 
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We organized and sponsored the community project "Feed the hungry" for The European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) Budapest.

Hot meal and 600 sandwiches for homeless