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Co-founder of budapestUNDERGUIDE
co-founder, general manager

As a cofounder I'm responsible for the brand and long term strategy; as an unstoppable problem solver I take the duties of being the GM of Underguide. Besides, I am so proud that our team&services are the most professional and impressive ones. I know, pro is someone, who makes it look easy...


budapest guide, underguide: dóri

5 years as study tour organizer at Hungarian Tourism Plc thaught me that impossible is nothing! Now I continue showing my beloved city in a different way, creating every trip in an out-of-the-box style. Might be less than a quest but more than a job, its my passion....


budapest guide, underguide: dóri
Head of Creative Events & DMC Department

Eversince I decided to be an Event Manager my aim was to combine the experiences what our occasions propose to the guests in a valuable way. Luckily, I could make it in the past 6 years. Our work is not only about joy and pleisure but show the real value of the Hungarian culture and life.


budapestunderguide: Dóri

Being an official entertainer in hotels in Mexico & Mallorca my goal was to make our guests’ vacation as an unforgettable adventure. I am happy to be part of a „family” now, which has the same motivation.


Nóra budapestUNDERGUIDE
corporate events

My evergreen cliche is: if not with passion, then why? Well, this is how I do it. After 6 years of Arabia and in the international event industry, I am happy to be a patriot again. With a complete commitment, the honour is mine to represent Hungary in the Underguide style.


budapest guide, underguide: betti

Welcome to one of the most thrilling city in Europe. I know Budapest has a lot to offer for everyone. Come with me and I will show you not only the extraordinary sights and views, but also the unique culture. In addition I will help you to immerse yourself in art, design and fashion.


budapest guide, underguide: dani

People know me as the guy who is always in three places at once. Being deeply involved in the bustling scenes of local contemporary art and alternative culture, my goal as a guide is to reveal the true nature of this melting pot where old meets new and center meets periphery.


budapest guide, underguide: kata

Budapest is a bohemian, perky lady, walking barefoot on the bank of the river Danube with a flirty smile. The river is the pulse of the city full of hidden treasures- architecture, food, baths, legends.Join me and let's discover together all these secrets!