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budapest guide, underguide: kinga

There is no place like Budapest… a story behind every building and statue, amazing colors and details, natural and cultural beauty and fascinating places to go to (also with children). If you want to see, not just look at things, you picked the right (under)guide...


budapest guide, underguide: erzsi

The closer look you take at this city, the more entertaining and fascinating it gets. My fascination with the city is one of the few things in my life that shows ever growing tendency, and I'd be happy to share it.


budapest guide, underguide: gábor

I was 18 years old when I fell in love with Budapest and naturally, it was only a matter of time before I moved here. It is almost impossible to describe the spirit of the city. Every moment is different! As a tour guide my number one purpose is to help you find your own moment with it.


budapest guide, underguide: borcsa

Have you heard of the ongoing debate among locals on which side of the Danube life is better? I was born and raised in Buda, have been living in Pest though. Join me by walk or on bike and decide together where would be nicer to live.


budapest guide, underguide: gigi

Welcome / Bienvenu ! - Share my passion to never boring  Budapest and let’s discover its sex appeals together…Walk, listen, ask, eat, taste wine and laugh guided by a spicy gourmet: I will feed  you well and satisfy your curiosity. Make your visit unforgettable and get the stories!


budapest guide, underguide: teodora

I love Budapest because she is small enough to befriend in a few days but big enough to always surprise me. She is old enough to be full of mysteries and young enough to be always moving. It's the perfect place if you have the eyes and the heart for it. Oh, and the guide, of course.


Joe Underguide

Budapest is a city with a fascinating,complex, often chilling and inspiring history. Repeatedly stunned the world beyond all expectations of being a city of extraordinary contradictions.Im so sure You will enjoy your stay!


budapest guide, underguide: nikolett

Being a tour guide is more than my life, it is my true passion. I do love the dazzling, beautiful, heart-stealing Budapest, which everyone has to see and experience at least once in a lifetime. Let yourself be surprised because Budapest has a lot more to offer than you have ever imagined!