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budapest guide, underguide: balázs

I am an architect, a foodie and a devoted biker in disguise. Architecture, design, photography, culinary, performing art and the world-famous baths? Budapest has it all: there's old and new, fancy and kitsch, b/w and colourful, spicy and sweet, funny and dramatic, cold & hot. Fancy a ride?...


underguide crew: Elza, private guide budapest

"Always cheerful and talks a lot.I am in love with my city, with it's secret passages,cute little streets,fantastic food and wine,various architectural masterpieces and the ever-changing landscape of young,talented artists,designers and new places rethinking the hungarian cuisine."


budapest guide, underguide: eszter

No umbrella, no hopping bus - meet the real Budapest with an inborn Pest girl!


budapestunderguide crew: Kővágó Veronika

Budapest- My city. A reason why I like to be Hungarian.
A place buzzing of life.
A place that can restore the past and renew itself at the same time.
A place that can enchant me over and over again with its wonderful secrets waiting to be discovered.


budapestunderguide crew: Ági Sólyom

Learnt to look at my own city through the travellers' eyes. Grew to become a local patriot with a never ending passion for this ragged graceful lady called Budapest. A place genuinely enjoyable, leaving you with a feeling of craving for more.


bubudapestunderguide crew: Orsi Ferenczi

I think Budapest loves me too...follow me and I'll share our secrets :)


budapestunderguide crew: Ági

I would like to show you my Budapest, this multifaceted and colorful city full of stories, anecdotes and gossips. My goal is to introduce you Budapest that reminds you not only a location on the map but a city where you had a great time, where you gathered wonderful experiences and where you can...


budapest guide, underguide: Saci

Budapest is people, friends, beautiful sunsets on the Danube, crazy art cafes, hidden party places, hot bubbly mineral springs, 17th century churches, breathtaking views from Buda, old metros, great nightlife, and my mother’s cook: stuffed cabbage and sweet cottage cheese dumplings :)