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budapestunderguide crew: Antónia

"I'm working as a German teacher and a tour guide in this beautiful city, where I was born and raised. I know its secrets, I know how different squares & streets have changed and evolved over the years. Particularly I'm interested in Design and Art."


underguide crew: Virág, private guide budapest

I am both a native budapester and a passionate traveller. Guiding people through the streets, secrets, past and present of my own city helps me to remain in the open mindset of the traveller, keeps my eyes wondering, looking up, makes me a traveller in the so well-known streets. Take me on a...


underguide crew: Levente, private guide budapest

A Budapest-born historian who guides the guests as a local patriot on both sides of Danube in English, Spanish, Portuguese and of course, also in Hungarian.


underguide crew: Orsi, private guide budapest

I like walking around in Budapest,staring at different buildings, discovering new details,talking to random people and feeling the whole atmosphere.It's impossible to understand the essential of the city otherwise, you have to feel it, and it will for sure effect all your sense-organs.