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budapestunderguide corporate events dmc
budapestunderguide corporate events dmc
budapestunderguide corporate team building
budapestunderguide corporate team building conference
budapestunderguide tailor made sightseeing
budapestunderguide tailor made sightseeing
budapestunderguide tailor made sightseeing
budapestunderguide tailor made sightseeing
budapestunderguide corporate team building conference
budapestunderguide corporate team building conference out of budapest

budapestUNDERGUIDE was  established  in  2005,  as  a forerunner of the idea that our goal should be to expose a side  of  Hungary  and  Budapest  to  foreigners  that  only  us, locals know and love intimately. This includes our favorite districts, hidden streets, small pubs and restaurants, creative spaces,  curiosities  that  otherwise  remain  concealed  from the eyes of visitors – in short, the values that are beyond our commonly known attractions. Guests should arrive here as if they were visiting a friend, and bid farewell as if they were leaving home.

Our tailor made programs  have  been  popular  travellers, but besides our individual guests, bigger groups and companies were keen to participate in the realization of our sometimes fabbergasting  or  seemingly  absurd  ideas,  and  as  of  now, more  and  more  local  and  foreign  companies  choose budapestUNDERGUIDE as their partner.


budapestUNDERGUIDE has 2 department: Tailor Made Travel and Creative Events & DMC 


Tailor Made Travel (Sightseeing & Travel)

We introduce the city in the way the locals live it. Thematic tours for individuals and groups.

- private thematic city discovery tours
- tailor made programs & citybreaks


Creative Events & DMC (Corporate Events)

Our key aim is to offer you the most creative and innovative business related travel activities. Our Creative Events & DMC Department possesses enthusiastic creativity, extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources.

- team building & city discovery
- MICE & gala events & incentives
- Partners for programs & CSR
- Out of Budapest

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For  each  program,  we  choose  the  cooperating  partners  and  organizations  through  careful preparation, whatever the nature of the given challenge or task may be. We connect our guest with the freshest side of Budapest, as our aim is to make it possible for a growing number of  people  to  get  acquainted  with  unique  and  successful  domestic  enterprises  and  products through our mediation.


Let us introduce our CREW.

Recommended by The New York Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Lonely Planet, BBC, USA Today, BBC, Petit Futé, Routard.com



Budapest is  a  perfect  destination  for  the votaries of history, the lovers of culture, the fanciers of architecture, the fans of city life, the connoisseurs of gastronomy, the enthusiasts of entertainment, the fanatics of fashion, the addicts of business, the amateurs of amour; in brief: the admirers of the World and Traveling in general.

Both  visitors  and  locals  adore  the  capital of  Hungary  for  its  wonderful  cityscape,  the panorama  of  the  Danube’s  coastline,  the city’s  complex  historical  mosaic,  and  its versatile  yet  harmonious  architecture  with the  romantic  Buda  Castle  Quarter  and  the lively  city  center.  The  city  of  Budapest  is known  and  renowned  both  in  Hungary  and abroad  for  its  cultural  diversitytraditional and  contemporary  cuisine  and  its  delicious wines. Visitors from all parts of the world are attracted  to  our  country  by  its  millennia-old bathing culture and thermal springs.

Budapest  and  its  surroundings  offer enchanting travel experiences: wine-growing areasmountains  cut  out  for  active  rest, picturesque  lakes  and  historic  towns  await the tourists. Those seeking traditional values during their stay engage in events revealing  our equestrian culture and folkloric heritage.