Glutenfree Travel


Be it your choice or a health issue to avoid certain foods like gluten, dairy products, or any special type of ingredient, it shouldn’t ruin or even affect your trip any more. Budapest offers a wide range of facilities where you can have a great meal without making any sacrifices, so nothing can stop us – and you – from having a flawless trip to this great city!

Moreover, besides participating in our regular city discovery activities, we are delighted to offer you a wide range of thematic events:

-    Taste around Budapestspecial edition

One of our most popular city discovery tours are those in which, during the private guidance through narrow streets, wide boulevards, must-see attractions, and hidden gems, the participants go through the three stages of a meal, each consumed at a different local, high-quality food establishment. We will be glad to customize this tour to your preferences!

-    Private dining

How about having a distinctive tasting menu prepared especially for you by a chef, keeping in mind all your special dietary needs?  As for the venue, budapestUNDERGUIDE is excellent in getting them organized, totally private, and totally customized to your taste. The same goes for its decorations and any accompanying elements – just let our (and your) fantasy flow!

-    Cooking course

Let’s learn to prepare Hungarian specialties together! Just a bit of a special way…

-    Whole city-break weekend based on any kind of special dietary need

You can combine any of the above-mentioned elements, and we are ready to add any kind of exploration, getaway, or event you have in mind! The city break can be combined with an escape to the Hungarian countryside, where there is also a lot discover, like the organic wine cellars of the famous wine regions, or organic farms where many special delicacies are manufactured.

Contact us by email ( or by phone (+36-30 908-1597), and tell us your preferences! Our colleague will get back to you quickly with a personalized offer.