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We created a zine for you!


According to the Cambridge dictionary, a zine is a small magazine produced by a small group of people about a subject they are profoundly interested in. And there we go! Here at Underguide we’re so passionate about sharing our local knowledge and secrets about Budapest, we finally have found a way to do so. Our Budapest travel zine is hopefully both entertaining and functional.

As with our out-of-the-box events, we were really much looking forward to creating something memorable for our top clients and partners. Something that talks to you much vividly than a typical and noisy brochure or the 100th ppt downloaded to a folder you don’t even remember.

In this zine we have also turned on the volume of insider content. You can read about or passionate team. Discover their very local take on Budapest. We have even created a top list of those places we love to visit not because of their fancy décor or Insta-ready cuisine, but because of their funny and lovely owners, chefs and waiters. It’s the people that make a place worth to visit.

We have also turned on the volume of the entertaining content still composed around our destination not to mention a wonderful, personal essay on Budapest by Lonely Planet’s long-time contributor and Eastern-Europe expert: Steve Fallon. It’s our honor to welcome Steve on board and learn more about a city in a rapid change: how Budapest developed into the cultural cool spot, the second Berlin in the past 20 years?

We’d also like to thank the hard work and patience from our creative partner who helped our creative travel vision to come true. Team Dekoratio, you’re the best!

Available in a limited quantity, to get your copy please reach out to our Communications and Marketing Manager, Máté Dávid by clicking here.