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Meet our visionary MICE experience designer whose attention to detail and sense of style gives the Midas touch to any event at our Budapest DMC. What's the best place to have a secret place? She answers in the following interview is as out-of-the-box as her surprising event ideas.

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Hungarian pilots set world record today

In 1931 two Hungarians completed fastest the transatlantic ride between the US and Europe. Today LOT and American Airlines offer direct flights to the US from the Budapest Airport in 10 hours opening new possibilities for MICE travel.

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We created a zine for you!

As with our out-of-the-box events, we were really much looking forward to creating something memorable for our top clients and partners. Check out our zine, traveloution is on!

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Adatvédelmi szabályzat

FOGALOM MEGHATÁROZÁSOK:   „személyes adat”: azonosított vagy azonosítható természetes személyre („érintett”) vonatkozó bármely információ; azonosítható az a természetes személy, aki...

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