Hungarofest - Art Nouveau Picnic

Our view:

Our first bigger cultural program for a broader public in Hungary - it was a huge success and since then we have been organizing other activities for Hungarofest.


Budapest 7th May 2011


National Museum's Garden

Services by Underguide:

Creative concept & staff management




Art Nouveau picnic for youngsters, adults and families with kids since there was something exciting for every age group.


The children could prepare secessionist decoration on the workshops, while the adults could learn about special craft secrets of Tiffany. People could play petanque or badminton with friends or just relax in the reading corner with a book. All through the afternoon, a special picnic buffet served gastronomic delights such as home made bread, exquisite sandwiches with pate and pesto.


The circus and its elements cannot be missing from the Art Nouveau picnic! Acrobats, jugglers and other magical performances entertained everyone, with a special closing "aerial acrobat" performance!