Hungary’s chic Countryside // Jaunt with style


Time to time everybody has the urge to escape from the city and spend some time in the countryside. With the help of our team at budapestUNDERGUIDE we guaranty that you can do so in the most authentic way. Experience some age-old traditions, get acquainted with the locals and leave the hustle of the city behind for a while

Tastes and professions – during the one or one and a half day tours, depending on the chosen location, the participants have the chance to experience ad try the typical to the region professions like carding, pottery or beekeeping while the hosts, using strictly only local ingredients prepares the delicious meal. For those looking for a more active or adventurous holiday countryside yoga, cycling, canoeing, tank and rally car driving or hot air balloon flight can be arranged as well as our signature ‘Beyond the (Hungarian) see’ event, when after a short training we set on a sailboat and our own private regatta will begin on Hungary’s gorgeous Lake Balaton.         

Can I take you for a ride? – On our performance tour guest have to use various vehicles and transportation tools like bicycle, boat, light railway or horse carriage to get from the starting point to the final destination.     

Be the mayor of the town – Get familiar with “your” village. Talk with the locals, start your bio-land project or make the marketing plan for the village. 

For the real foodies our Eat what you found activity will be a real treat. Roam trough the region searching for local ingredients and we reward your with a fun-filled cooking activity on the end using only what you have collected. We also like to draw your attention to our Stars of Eger tour, which refers to one of the most famous Hungarian novel dealing with the battle of Eger, but this time you don’t have to fight the mighty Turkish army just taste the new cuvee at one of Hungary’s most famous wine region.   

All our activities are eco friendly, following the principals of sustainable tourism, as well as contributing to the development and preservation of local community.

Contact us by email ( or by phone (+36.30.908.15.97), and tell us your preferences! Our colleague will get back to you quickly with a personalized offer.