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City Discovery Day of Challenge! – CD/DC-outdoor
Urban Treasure Hunt - outdoor
CreActivity - make your ideas come true! – indoor and outdoor


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Would you like to have a sightseeing and team building event at the same time and all this in a creative, funny way? Would you like to explore Budapest, to do something different, original? Would you like to compete with each other and laugh at the end result? CD/DC is your perfectly designed program!  Discover the legends behind the scenes of Budapest, and win the challenge day sightseeing contest! During the program each group will have their own underguide who will make sure that they won’t miss the must-see spots in town, while supporting the group in completing the challenges.


City Discovery Day of Challenge! – CD/DC-outdoor


The Challenge! The game’s main target is to solve the 2-3 tasks which your group receives at the beginning in the most creative and funny way. The challenges and rules below are selected based on the past years’ experience, the most beloved and chosen tasks by our clients.

•    Picture Hunt - the group members have to be the ’stars’ of the pictures and should be doing something that is very typical to Budapest (driving a public bus, be a waiter in a local bar, be a salesman in a local shop, be a ticket controller on a tram… - we have encountered many amazing results, so be creative!). Do something that normally only the locals do.

•    Hey Big Spender – Do your participants know everything about finance, banking, sales or purchasing? Here comes the time to prove that they are the best spenders! Everybody receives a light budget: the actual value of € 1. The task is to spend it during the program on the most typical and funky local things that guests will find. The rule is that it has to be typical to Budapest or Hungary and that you can’t add your own money to the budget, the rest is up to participants– surprise us!

•    City Quiz – the group receive a question, the answer hidden in the city, on the walls, inside of buildings or even up on the roofs. Your team have to work together to find the correct answer during the sightseeing tour.

Contact our coordinator and tell us about your groups’ characteristics, or the goal of your meeting in Budapest, and we will suggest personalised challenges for you, with unique themes for the pictures, or even a tailor made quiz just for you. At the end of the tour, groups meet again, we project the answers, the photos, the products, hear explanations, sing the new rhythm or perform anything else related, and then a jury or a vote decides which the best team is. The winner gets a cool local award. Technical equipment is provided by Underguide.

Duration: different versions 1.5 to 4 hours, including announcement of winner
Group size: from 20 to 200 guests in groups of 10-20 guests / underguide
Possible location: downtown Budapest / outdoor
Transportation: walking
Recommended season: any season
Approximate rates: from 22 € / person

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Urban Treasure Hunt - outdoor


Treasure hunts are always great fun, especially if when combined with the discovery of a new city
– in our case Budapest. We suggest this game to groups who prefer to discover things individually
– still of course with our guidance in the background – and in a playful way.

The group will be split into smaller teams (3 to 8 people/ team), all teams receive secret codes and indices. Their task is to find the treasure, and put together the pieces of the puzzle, hidden around the city centre. Your team may already have visited Budapest, or they may all be newcomers – regardless, they will have the same fun!

Decoding, solving riddles, discovering hidden chests all around the city in the crossfire of watching eyes everywhere. Although in this game there is no guide to accompany the group, among the maps and secrets, the teams will have the chance to get to know the centuries-old history of Budapest.

At the end of the program, all teams meet again in a cool bar in Budapest, where everybody is our guest for a drink. The winning team is announced, and awards are given out by our animator.  All participants will get a small souvenir from the program, but the award goes to the quickest ones who in turn are the winning team!

Duration: 3-4 hours
Group size: from 20 to 200 + guests
Possible location: downtown Budapest, Buda Castle Hill/ outdoor
Transportation: walking and/ or public transportation or by bike
Recommended season: spring to fall
Approximate rates: from 39 € / person

* Extra option: Adventure of the future - upgraded version of the treasure hunt program is geocache, where the guests use Tablets and GPS coordinates for locating the hidden places.


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CreActivity - make your ideas come true! – indoor and outdoor


Everybody has a brilliant idea - a dream of a shop, a new product, a website, a business... Now it is your time to make yours come true! In our CreActivity games, we will help you discover Budapest, the capital of innovation in Central-Eastern Europe, while you participate in a twisting team building game where creativity, competitiveness and crushing communication skills are a must!


Budapest offers everything you need – experience it in this extraordinary game which combines sightseeing, fun, team building and learning about the steps of create a project or develop a product.


Every office worker, sitting all day in front of the computer, has already dreamed about changing the world with brilliant ideas. Now here is the chance to try it yourself! Organize and create a movie, a song, a painting, a poem, a plasticine town, an advertisement, a cake or a uniform based on your ideas! During the crazy competition, loads of laughs and challenges are waiting for the teams, but it’s worth it: the team building adventure will be followed by the well-deserved reward! In the game, your group will try to be the best, solve the challenges, and do all of the necessary steps that a rising project has to face. You will have to take care of money, do market research, and a few other tasks – and you will have a big laugh during the project. In the end you will present your product so our judges and a surprise element will decide the winner team.The city will unfold in front of you as you go step by step into forming your business. 


Duration: different versions, 3-6 hours
Group size: from 10 to 100+ guests
Possible location: indoor
Transportation: walking
Recommended season: any season
Approximate rate: from € 39 / person

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