REF: EVCA Gala Dinner Series


Our view:

Two luxurious gala dinners for a large group of VIP guests. Location choice was excellent – guests loved to have both Museums for their private use. Catering was awesome – the tenderloins made for 200 people on the spot at the Museum of Fine Arts were just perfect! Set up was also very special as we had the design chairs of ’Liza’ especially made for this occasion. Overall 2 great evenings and over 300 happy guests!


Venue and numbers:

Museum of Fine Arts - 250 participants

VAM Design Centre - 175 participants


Services by Underguide:

Location research & Complete gala dinner organization for two nights as well as additional complimentary services (private and group sightseeings, transfers, registration services).

Special VIP dinner for smaller group of leaders.



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