Our goal is to make it known to our guests all of the fantastic faces of Budapest and Hungary through our programs, and the possibilities they may offer, and let them truly experience that  the city and country is really more than you think!

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Creative and Tailor-Made Team Building
Breaking  with  the  traditions,  we  offer  a  party  with  your  company  that  relies on  the  hidden  potentials  of  Budapest,  providing  a  special  experience  for  every employee. Because we believe in life beyond the flip chart.

City Discovery for Groups and Companies
Tailor-made interactive city programs for groups, discovery tours for visitors, and community tours that will change the way you go to work in the morning, even if you are a local. The memories of this common experience, and the knowledge of the hidden treasures of the city will draw a smile onto each face every morning.

Organization of Conferences, Gala Dinners, Banquets
From the classical to the extravagant, from the official to the informal, from the exclusive to the easy-going, we choose the creative solution from each category that fits the needs of your company or group most accurately.

Being familiar with all of the secrets of Budapest, we have the special ability to offer as much adventure in one weekend, that you would normally get in a two week vacation. We organize special programs that recharge, pamper, and bring together the participants like never before. A real reward for the colleagues.

NGO Initiatives, CSR Projects
Taking  into  consideration  the  main  objectives  of  the  given  company,  we recommend a variety of CSR project types. Based on the chosen program type, we carry out the particular, unique, and tailor-made group and corporate projects

Programs and references

budapestUNDERGUIDE :: online postcard 2017

budapestUNDERGUIDE postcard 2017

The best postcard of 2017.


We as a DMC

incentive weekend budapest budapestunderguide

We are extremely pleased when our guests leave with a commendable experience and full of dear memories.


REF: CSR program for Becton Dickinson

csr program with budapestUNDERGUIDE

CSR program: reparing cold meal packages and small children toys for family shelters and homeless people.


REF: Celebration in Budapest - 10th year anniversary of Advectas

incentive weekend in Budapest with budapestUNDERGUIDE

Popup sightseeing & unique gastro events & Balkan Madness party & out of Budapest programs - in 3 days.


REF: Unilever & goulash cooking contest

Goulash cooking contest - budapestUNDERGUIDE

Goulash & lecsó cooking contest with the best recpie & the best 'chefs'.