Fun city discovery and team building mixed together for young people. 

 There are a few start up companies which have set off in our amazing and inspiring city, Budapest. Why don’t you get together in a cozy ruin bar and form the best local start up company, right now? 

Budapest offers everything a start up needs – experience it in this extraordinary game which combines sightseeing, fun, team building and learning about the steps of a start up company. 

Can you build a strong group?

Can your start up company develop the best product in Hungary?

Can you control your budget?

Can you handle the market challenges and the surprises?

Can you in the end convince the big investors that your team, product and company is the best?

Are you ready? 

In the game, your group will try to be the best start up in Budapest and solve the challenges and do all the necessary steps a rising start up has to face. You will have to take care of money, you will have to do market research and other tasks – and you will have a big laugh all the time. In the end you will present your product on the Facebook page of your start up and our judges and the surprise element will decide the winner team.


The city will unfold in front of you as you go step by step into forming your business.