Tattoo Budapest


'Budapest is the coolest Tattoo spot in Europe!' Adam, tattoo artist, US

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Progressive design, internationally reputed artists, the best rates ever including a funky weekend in Budapest and the highest level of personal care.

Budapest is a hub of talented tattoo artists: there is something of that magic Eastern spirit in the air that you will not only feel, but take home with you, under your skin.. it will stay with you forever!

‘Tattoo Budapest’ because:

…you will be in the hands of internationally recognized professional artists

…for the same budget it is not just the Tattoo that you get but also an amazing weekend

 ...budapestUNDERGUIDE will take care of everything from the hygienic pack you may need till your transport home after daily tattoo sessions

…your entire stay & program will be just as tailor made as your tattoo

…it is not before when you’ll need a drink, it is after that you will cheer to your new beauty with your local mates!

The way it goes:

Depending on your dream tattoo, budapestUNDERGUIDE will suggest the most adequate tattoo artist and will put you in direct contact with the chosen one. You will discuss tattoo details and finalize the design via email with him/her.

In the meantime your budapestUNDERGUIDE coordinator will organize your trip & program to conform to your request, personality, lifestyle and interests.

What do you like? Are you sporty? Into culture, art? Love food? Do you prefer reading or always play poker online? A history buff? Whatever you enjoy, you will discover something wonderful that Budapest has to offer.

It all depends on you: What will your tattoo say to the world?


As tattoos can be just as different as the people wearing them, there is no fixed rate for a Tattoo Budapest weekend – it’s a ‘weekend frame’ that we will tailor to your desire. To give you an idea we have built a sample weekend with a sample tattoo and a list of further amazing ideas.

Tattoo Budapest – The Beauty & The Beast 
  • 2 nights in a private, self catering, cool design apartment downtown for 2 people 
  • The snake & rose tattoo on the pix, discussed and adjusted to your needs before the trip via email with the leading tattoo artist of UPE Tattoo. Drawing hours: 8 hours in 2 sessions, 2 days 
  • A Hygienic Pack with everything you may need after a tattoo session 
  • English Speaking Medical Assistance (Doctor Cabinet or Visit at your hotel) in case of need covered by your travel insurance 
  • Transfers to and from the airport and daily to and from Tattoo Studio and your apartment
  • An underguide who will be there for you during all the stay to give you all information about Budapest, to show you around & to hang out with, to go for tailor made sightseeing walks with your travel mate while you are on a tattoo session – just as if you had come to visit a friend! He/she will also be your interpreter to communicate with the tattoo artist in case English would not be your kind of thing. 
  • A night out in town with your underguide to celebrate your new beauty & discover the best clubs & bars of your style in town!


1. Contact us via the ASK or BOOK form, by email ( or by phone, and tell us your preferences.

2. Upon the information you give us about yourself and your interests,    we tailor every detail  of your stay to you and your lifestyle!

3. Our coordinator will shortly get back to you with a personalized program.