Winter - Beet the beast! - Rural pork party in the countryside


What do you think as a potential benefit of a rural pigparty in the countryside? The program’s basic idea: "Many geese can beet even a pig!" And mean it literally. Many clever, hard-working people together more effectively fulfill the tasks.

Duration: 1 day
Group size: from 40
Location: country side, neighbourhood of Budapest
Suggested period of the year: autumn, winter
Approximate price: 59 euro/person

Special occasion team building, the hog slaughtering combined with team building. We pose extraordinary challenges to the team and is guaranteed to unique effect.

A breakfast starts with a traditional palinka welcome, under the guidance of a professional butcher. After intruducing the main stages of processing the animal, participants form teams and then will be delegated to the different tasks. After the pork breakfast, will begin real team competiton of humorous quiz. Members of the teams can only be successful in close cooperation with each other, is therefore crucial role of cooperation.

The groups competing with each other will recive specific tasks relates to slaughtering to be solved. The humorous and playful program ends by receiving the official butcher diploma. Traditional hand-twist torroid, professional buthcer, black pudding, sausage, laughter. Do we need more?