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Opera turns 135 years old today

On its 135th birthday, we celebrate one of the most emblematic buildings of Budapest!



On the 27th September in 1884, even police couldn’t keep the crowd calm gathered on Andrássy Street whom were so eager to see the arrival of the king of the monarchy. Accompanied by the aristocracy, Franz Joseph arrived for the opening ceremony of the Hungarian State Opera and even though people saw him smile, according to city legend, the Emperor was not happy.

When he eventually gave green light to the construction works to begin, he set only a single premise: not to build a larger opera than the one in Vienna. However, the court didn’t expect to find a much richly embellished building designed by the most celebrated architects and artists of the century.

Although the building is still under reconstruction, the Opera is open for private guided visits and will be available for the most glamorous private events you can imagine from the middle of (hold your breath) 2021. Can’t wait.