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A creative soul, a passionate individual, an avid explorer who travels for inspiration. Fanni is the visionary MICE experience designer with a serious fashion and jewelry design experience. Her exceptional attention to detail makes any event at our Budapest DMC a unique experience and says „as an Underguide crew member I do reflect this care on all of our projects.”



A SPECIAL PROJECT – Portraits are shot on Kodak T-may 400 film by @admhrvt, because we believe in the magic of unexpected, the real here-and-now experiences.


A place to have a secret date?

A bike ride around the city with several stops to have coffee, a bite of something delicious, a drink or two. Exploring the very different sides of Budapest together sounds like a great program. Sunset alert on the go.


What’s your must-see spot in the city?

Golden hour at the stairs of Jávorka Sándor Stairs at the Buda Castle district.


The most overvalued thing about Budapest?

Apartments on rent and sale due to Airbnb’s massive appearance on the market.


The most underrated thing about Budapest?

Its fascinating urban legends and faces from previous eras.


Do you have a favorite anecdote about the city?

There is this childhood memory with an old building at Thököly street, 14th district. You can see a woman looking into the distance from the balcony. According to the urban legend, a young couple lived in the building who were separated by the 1st World War. The wife was waiting and waiting. Once the young woman became seriously ill. Still, she was on the balcony every day hoping to see her beloved one. According to the legend, it is here that she died. The legend says the irony of fate that the husband arrived from the front right on the next day and he set up a statue to honour his lady for her loyalty and walled up the door of the balcony so that nobody could even step into that place. Well, in reality, the balcony is only an imitation, the figure is a half-length portrait. The realization of the statue came from architect Ybl’s son, who brought the idea from Paris and was used only once: at the time of the construction of this building.


What’s the family tradition of yours you still practice?

Well, it’s not exactly a tradition, but we have a unique family-whistle to make when looking for a family member in a big crowd or so. Also, aside from the usual Sunday lunches, we try to keep up through busy schedules, going out for an excursion. Hugging trees is the ultimate family tradition we find so chillax to do.



CAPTURING THE FAVORITES – We took pictures of our MICE Experience Designer at her favorite spot, Gerlóczy Café. “Sometimes words can’t describe feelings for places and their ethereal atmosphere. I find the whole square a little piece of heaven with a bit of cozy Parisian touch, that welcomes you warmly all year long.”


What is your favorite Hungarian expression?

It has a lot to do with my Ars Poetica. Well: “Sírva vígad a Magyar” is my favorite of all. Almost impossible to translate it to any other language. (Means something like Hungarians are crying while having fun – instead of truly enjoying getting drunk and laughing Hungarians get depressed and sing the saddest heartbreaking songs. )


What’s the most interesting trend in Budapest right now?

After hipster, normcore, slow-life trends I wish to see something truly local, forward-looking to emerge.


What’s the best part of your job?

When I see shiny, happy people excited about the program we create.


Can’t miss when in Hungary?

Try to make your local friend invite you for a Sunday lunch at his grandma’s table.


What song describes the vibe of Budapest?

Gloomy Sunday by Rezső Seress (This is a World War song many people all over the world have committed suicide while listening to it.)


What’s the ultimate Hungarian thing you can’t live without?

Ballpoint pen, safety match, soda water. Surely the Hungarian inventions of course…


GERLÓCZY CAFÉ – Gemstone of the very downtown, this classic coffee house became the epitome of Parisian style. Small and very intimate, the shadowy square where it is located, the small round tables all add up to that magical ambiance we love it for.