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Nóra Palányi, MICE experience designer



“Challenging projects are always warmly welcomed,” says Nóra Palányi who joined the budapestUNDERGUIDE 3 years ago. With 10+ years of experience in the travel industry, she is the company’s atomic bomb. Drop her and you’ll have a jawdropping Budapest MICE event from zero to max.



A SPECIAL PROJECT - Portraits are shot on Kodak T-may 400 film by @admhrvt,
because we believe in the here-and-now experiences.

What does it mean to you to be Hungarian?

Once upon a time a gentleman said “it is not enough to have talent, you also have to be Hungarian”. Well, all I can say is your right Mr. Robert Capa!


What’s the most Hungarian thing anyone can experience?

Spa treatment. Must see locations anyway when you arrive to the city, Széchenyi and Rudas are my favorites. This natural water high in minerals are remedies for the tired body, make you fit, full of energy meanwhile the spectacular architecture fills up your soul as well.

As for someone who gained experience working in MICE in the Middle East, what’s the ultimate Hungarian ingredient you couldn’t live without?

Túró, a denser than ricotta type of cottage cheese. Can be salty, sweet, fruity or full of veggies, there are hundreds of ways to prepare it. Körözött is a famous local tapenade with generous dashes of sweet paprika. (Also, you can try Nóra’s favorite dessert at the groceries, a creamy sweet version placed between puddings and flavored yogurts – the editor.)



CAPTURING THE FAVORITES - we took pictures of our MICE esperience designer by her favorite spot in Budapest,
Liberty Bridge. Portraits are shot on Kodak T-may 400 film by @admhrvt.



The most overrated thing about Budapest?

Traffic jams. Of course, it gets annoying in rush hour however it is not even getting close to what’s going on in the States or in a bigger Chinese city.


Favorite bar to hang around?

One of my favorites is Extra Budapest. Even my mum loves it, although we have never ever shared our taste. I love the hanging red umbrellas in the court, the industrial ruined bar interior design, the super-long bar and the super-kind staff. I always drink Fröccs – the Hungarian spritzer, soda plus wine. (Editor’s note: Nóra also likes the cocktail of the Budapest summer night called Pornstar Martini.)


What do you consider your greatest achievement at the Budapest based DMC?

I was always a wayfarer, couldn’t stay too long in one place. Three years ago I sat down in this office and I don’t want to leave it at all. People around me actuate me to be as unique as our ideas, exciting projects from ground floor to the rooftop when the clients come to you at the end and say: See you next year! What else can I ask for? I am lucky, that I heard it many times.



LIBERTY BRIDGE - The neo-gothic green bridge called Szabadság-híd to Hungarians connects
Gellért Bath and the Great Market Hall and it's one of the most beautiful of the 7 downtown
bridges connecting Buda and Pest. Portraits are shot on Kodak T-may 400 film by @admhrvt.