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Our team picks favorite Hungarian photographs

As personal taste appeared in photography the medium lost its pure form of documentation and became an artistic way of self-expression. On the Day of Hungarian Photography, our team commemorates the greatest Hungarian photographers while sharing our favorite pictures.

Hungarian photography association MAFOSZ established the Hungarian Day of Photography in 2003, choosing August 29 because that was the day in 1840 when the mathematician, physicist, and geographer Antal Vállas presented the daguerreotype to the Hungarian Scientific Society. Invented by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre and introduced worldwide in 1839, due to its complicated and costly function daguerreotype was in fashion for only a couple of decades.

At the turn of the century, artistic photography as known today appeared, leading to the modern Hungarian photography of the 1920s. From a socio-historical point of view, much of the 20th century Hungary existed in constant flux: governments, uprisings, world wars, extreme ideologies followed one another letting and forcing artists and intellectuals to leave the country. Yet, many talented and noteworthy photographers remained in Hungary searching for opportunities to conduct modern and socially sensitive photography in a gradually closing country. To honor this day we play out the art-card at the office to see who oves cooler pictures. Also please note, we kindly create Budapest photography themed tours and programs for clients.



ATA KANDO  / Chandigar.


MICE Experience Designer

“Ata Kando herself and this photo represent timeless beauty, a very unique voice through photography mixed with a brave yet ethereal representation that takes my breath away every single time…”



LUCIEN HERVÉ (aka László Elkes) / Chandigar.

Financial Operator

“A motionless moment, yet alive. You want to hide in the shade, your tongue’s parched and the sun burns everything. But we are just waiting. We are waiting for something that may not happen. Together. Life is simple: shapes and shadows.”


BRASSAI / “Bijou” of Montmartre 1932

MICE Experience Designer

“The message of this photo for me is: But everyone who enjoys life longs to extend it.
No smile needs if you have pearls in your neck. That’s my signature bijou in daily life too. She has a past and she is full of stories, would be great to join for a night and listen to her. She still knows how to attend for a glass of champagne and enjoy the max a smoky cigarette. Same plan for me, plus a cat. Cheers!”




Experience Designer

“This piece of art expresses how I imagine the best life is.
Dreamy, free and can’t be bothered.”




ROBERT CAPA / SPAIN. Barcelona. January 1939. Running for shelter during the air raid alarm. The city was being heavily bombed by Fascist planes as General Franco’s troops rapidly approached the city.

Communications and Marketing Officer

“How funny life can be, even in the most lethal moments. When you’re fully dressed up chic and sexy, and suddenly you hear the sirens warning for bombings in the city, you start running for your life to the closest shelter and your dog gets it as a call for play. I mean, isn’t that funny? I particularly like this picture Capa took in 1939 when Franco bombed Barcelona since I have a dog.  The lady seems almost like smiling to me and I also sense that kind of special out of time and space connection what you can have with your dog.”