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Helen Doron – Criminal Dinner & Folk Dancing

„Thank you for all the effort and professional attitude you showed during our event. Thanks for being always at disposal with real-time solutions.”

Daniela Shibi – Customer Account Manager, Helen Doron Group

Helen Doron (Educational Group offering English classes to young people)

Client request:
We are organizing a conference in Budapest April 3-8 2016. In one of the evenings (April 5) we would like to organize a ‘Fun Project’ team building event for our Franchisors. We will be approximately 125 people. We would also to make the participants familiar with Hungarian Folk Dance. Further assistance of printing house services would be also appreciated.

Number of participants:  120 people

Underguide Program

Criminal dinner in a Gastro Bar

Traditional Dancing Queen Folk program

Printing services (conference materials, back stage drop, molino)


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