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TOPLIST! Top 9 places with funny staff

As we say, the best souvenirs are made of memories. We believe they are found only in unique places with the quality to touch, move, inspire. Therefore in our toplist, we selected thoughtfully some of our favorite spots for you to connect real local culture even in your lunch break.

Note, all the locations listed below are available for private events. Click for the titles to open Facebook page.



“One of my favorites at the Buda side,” says Vilma about this very French bistro style restaurant due to “its amazingly regardful, handful staff.” After a couple of times, waiters with diverse and real personalities know you by name!



A place where the owner is a really cool Harley Davidson Man, also you can see HD Sportster in the middle of the pub. If he is in a party mood (and you too) he will make a communion: climb up to the HD, get the pose like a real biker. He will share with you a bottle of raw sparkling wine from a very cool Hungarian winery.



One of the most amazing vintage shops in town, which makes this place truly special is the gentlemen running it. Ákos knows the background of every item treasured in his tiny shop and a great person to talk to for hours as old dames are passing by.



“I come here with friends to revisit our Soviet-influenced childhood and cheap retro bistro meals,” says Vilma. You come here to get the communist experience beyond the cuisine. The service is from an era when customers had zero rights. “Elderly waitresses treat you like shit,” adds Máté.



Although Mr. Fereydun speaks no other language than his own, he does his best to select his heavenly delights to your taste. Pistachio, saffron and golden honey. This recently opened place is considered exotic even in the Jewish Quarter which is rapidly becoming a cultural melting pot.



This restaurant survived more than 40 years and the only thing which had changed is the number of faded portraits on the walls of famous visitors. Orbán úr, 80 something, runs this place and has all the stories. He is sitting by the cashier and everything is done in the most old-school way. (Nylon tablecloth!)



“I’m always looking for the most authentic Hungarian street food spots run by elderly people, doing things in the right, classic ways. Marika néni’s kiosk is on the top of the Klauzál square market and she makes lángos the classic way” said Máté when nominating this place for the toplist.



“Oh, Dear, the very best waiter in town serves here! The unofficial golden medal goes to Mr. Király who is the coolest help for sure. Baltazár has an industrial, funky-fine kitchen anyway, but its waiter makes your stay just superb.” says Fanni.



“This place is truly magical, it’s like visiting a truly stylish couple’s home who knows what the term sprezzatura means,” says Máté about his favorite neighborhood café. “It’s home to citizens of the world who travel both in time and space and gather all the best, authentic treasures.


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