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The ultimate Hungarian icon

Zsazsa Gábor introduced flamboyance and joie-de-vivre with wit and humor to the world numbed by the Cold War. Her memory still inspires many, us for example to create even more glamorous parties. On the birthday of the larger-than-life actress and socialite our Marketing and communications manager remembers the ultimate Hungarian icon.

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Meet our super creative marketing officer who inspires the creative and program development at Underguide, also overlooks the set design of our events. Coming with a background in fashion, he's always looking for the next big thing in tourism.

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Legyen szó városi csapatépítőről, vagy egy izgalmas játékkal felturbózott közös vacsoráról, most megosztjuk néhány saját fejlesztésű ajánlatunkat az ősz/téli katalógusunkból.

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Meet our visionary MICE experience designer whose attention to detail and sense of style gives the Midas touch to any event at our Budapest DMC. What's the best place to have a secret place? She answers in the following interview is as out-of-the-box as her surprising event ideas.

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Get to know the superstar of data, finances and 90s cool, István who we photographed by his favorite spot, a vintage movie theater. Learn more about his personal view on the changing Budapest, over and underrated activities, the best date-spot and more by clicking here.

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Our team picks favorite Hungarian photographs

To honor the Day of Hungarian Photography, we play out the art-card at the office. Who loves cooler Hungarian photographs and why? Find out the secrets of our team and learn more about the passion behind our events!

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Hungarian pilots set world record today

In 1931 two Hungarians completed fastest the transatlantic ride between the US and Europe. Today LOT and American Airlines offer direct flights to the US from the Budapest Airport in 10 hours opening new possibilities for MICE travel.

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