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Our favourite party themes

Your next corporate event should not be boring: a couple of brilliant details can make it the special event you’re hoping for. There are three secrets to making an event memorable; the first is sumptuous food, second is great service and third is a good venue. However, there are other elements to focus on to keep your guests interested.

Themed parties are more popular than ever now, with such a wide range of potential themes, fancy dresses, costumes, party decorations, balloons and other supplies to help complete the event. Sometimes, choosing the right theme to build your corporate event around is easy. Everything just seems to naturally align and the choice virtually makes itself, but other times, it takes a little more thought and effort.

We have been in event planning in Budapest for long enough to know that a good theme is a fantastic way to get everyone in the party spirit. To ensure your guests have a great time at your event, we show you our favourite ideas we don’t mind you stealing for inspiration.



Balkan Madness

Throw your own Festival of Fools with a Balkan Madness party! Dance through the night while playing the tambourine. You can make use of both contemporary and traditional elements of the Balkan culture to please your guests. Balkan people lead colorful and diverse lives and you can incorporate this into your theme, which will entice your guests & your party will be a hit.




Retro Party

Take a step back in time and organize a retro themed event! The 60s and 70s were decades dedicated to peace and love, disco dancing, crazy clothing and groovy music, which makes it an ideal theme for your next party!




This is a famous theme for all kinds of events. You can arrange everything in your venue to resemble an en grande masquerade hall filled with elegant lighting and royal drapes. You can also ask your guests to bring a mask or two. A masquerade theme can go a long way, you just need to make it work and make it fit the purpose of your event.



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