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Vilma Magyar

CEO and CO-founder

An advanced experience hunter, an unstoppable problem solver, the CEO and co-founder of UNDERGUIDE. Vilma is responsible for the brand & developments, for the long-term strategy, and for keeping the focus on meeting our clients’ dreams with the hottest, progressive ideas. In one: a proud member of Hungary’s most creative DMC, a real EXPERIENCE factory.



A SPECIAL PROJECT – Portraits are shot on Kodak T-may 400 film by @admhrvt, because we believe in here-and-now experiences.



What’s your signature drink?

I’m a champagne girl for the summer, the latest Hungarian sparkling wines are just gorgeous, and I adore the selection of Kreinbacher.


The ultimate Hungarian thing you can’t live without?

Probably the spectacular view from the castle.


Perfecto place for a secret date?

Definitely at Calgary. It’s a semi-illegal place run by Auntie Viki, a now-retired actress.


What’s the best anecdote you’ve ever heard about the city?

In 1972 the middle of the cold war Elizabeth Taylor celebrated her 40th birthday secretly in Budapest with Richard Burton, Grace Kelly, Ringo Star and more. The glam gang stayed at the Marriot Hotel, and for the party, she wore the nearly 9-million-dollar Taj Mahal diamond necklace she just received from Burton to her birthday.


Where do you go to time-travel?

Bambi Espresso with friends to revisit our Soviet-influenced childhood and cheap retro bistro meals.



ÓMAMA ANTIK – For an advanced experience hunter shopping vintage in Budapest is a unique experience.  Ómama Antik is heaven manifested on Earth with remarkable treasures of previous centuries. Portraits are shot on Kodak T-may 400 film by @admhrvt. 



What song describes the vibe of Budapest?

George Ezra’s Budapest while walking or skating along the Danube, Manfred Man’s Blinded by the Light on a night out, hanging out your taxi’s window while the warm city air hits you, and Je ne regretted rien by Edit Piaf when the sun comes up.


What do you do differently than others?

I prefer white wines for the winter, especially Rieslings from the Balaton region, Gilvesy, Figula, Skizo, and Jásdi.


Favorite bars to hang around?

Leo Rooftop Bar for the best panorama and music selection, Boutiq’bar for the signature cocktails in town (and bespoke experience).


Where do you prefer to have your lunch?

Following a relaxing morning in a Turkish bath, I just can’t resist any street butcher for a lovely bloody sausage, fresh bread, and mustard, standing in line with businessmen in fancy suits and handyman in dusty pants.


What experience helped you to grow the most?

I spent my childhood sailing on Lake Balaton with my family and since I happened to have talent in it, I started seriously practicing at age 10 to later compete. Sailing for me is all about passion and sharing the most beautiful emotions of human life. Beside the joys on water, it’s also about having a great time on land – sailors know how to enjoy life in its fullest. It definitely formed my personality and helped me to feel, how to create joyful experiences, events, and travels.



A NEIGHBORHOOD WELL-KNOWN – we took pictures of  Vilma a few meters from her favorite café, Bambi Eszpresszó by her all time favorite treasure trove. Portraits are shot on Kodak T-may 400 film by @admhrvt.